Think Twice Before Getting an Exotic Pet

An exotic pet can be defined as a rare creature kept as a pet. Examples of exotic animals that can be kept as pets include; tigers, lions, bears, wolves, reptiles, monkeys, prairie dogs, alligators, snakes, and many more.

Owning an exotic pet can be as much fun as owning regular pets. In fact, recent years have seen an increased trend regarding the popularity of exotic pets among most families. However, without adequate preparation and having an understanding about exotic pets, you could end up in a disaster. Owning exotic pets requires a high level of dedication and comes with many responsibilities that you have to be prepared for.

Why you should think twice before owning an exotic pet:

Human health risk

Exotic pets pose serious health risks to humans and regular pets because they are notorious vectors for zoonotic diseases such as herpes B virus, Monkey Pox, Salmonellosis and many more . These diseases as communicable to humans and can cause serious harm to humans of all ages.


Exotic animals need a special habitat than just a backyard or cage. The ideal habitation should imitate the animal’s native dwelling place. Such a habitation requires huge investment. When confined in close quarters, many exotic animals tend to get bored and stressed and become more aggressive. They can also become ill and this diminishes their quality of life.

Moreover, exotic pets feed on special type of food so be ready to spend a lot of money on purchasing food supplies for your pets.

Public safety risk

Exotic animals pose grave safety risks to their owners, neighbors, and the general public at large. You have probably heard of incidents where exotic pets have attacked children and adults, and its very much difficult to fight these creatures off if they attack.

Is it legal to own an exotic pet?

Its illegal to own exotic pets in certain areas. Furthermore, even if its legal to own one, certain laws may make it nearly impossible to own certain exotic pets. Most often, you are required to complete extensive paperwork so as to be legally permitted to own an exotic pet. Therefore, its important to make sure you understand the proper procedures regarding domestication of exotic pets or else you’ll find yourself in legal trouble .

Are you able to take care of the exotic pet?

Owning exotic pets requires you to invest a substantial monetary commitment. These pets require specialized housing and other supplies that are quite costly. Besides, veterinary services for exotic animals are rare hence it may be a challenge caring for your pets.

Exotic animals undergo untold suffering when domesticated. The unnatural lives they are forced to live may compromise their physical health and psychological well-being.

Overall, much as owning an exotic pet can be fun, these pets come with huge responsibilities. You need to make substantial time and monetary commitments if at all you are to succeed in this endeavor. As a result, its important that you do thorough research and prepare yourself for the commitment before you bring an exotic animal home.